I greatly appreciate your company completing the install and many problems left from the previous mechanical company for the new geothermal installation at my home.  I should have had your company do the install from the start but I thought I could depend upon a local company that stated they had installed many geothermal systems in our area before.  They, at the time were servicing a couple of our commercial buildings in Milton as well.

It did not work out so well and thanks to your company, everything got corrected and is working very well.  Rick Werbner in the office coordinated the job well with Rick Weber, the technician who completed all the work.  Rick Weber was very knowledgeable about the system and explained everything to me so I understand how to operate it.  I was impressed with Rick’s attitude, patience and manners while working in my home, this is something I don’t see with many tradesmen.  I must compliment him for this.


Rob Colbeck

T. R. Colbeck
Milton, Ontario

I wanted to let you know how absolutely thrilled my wife and I are with the dealings we have had with Bostech and the installation of our new geothermal heating and cooling system. Although it is far too early to determine if the potential savings and expected payback period will materialize, your company has far exceeded our expectations to this point. I have been in the service industry for 49 years (telecom) and feel very qualified to recognize outstanding service when I see it.

Bostech was very prompt with a very detailed quote presented with a number of pricing options and as much technical detail as we wanted all in technical terms which were “dumbed down” so that we could understand how the system worked and why it was economical and reduced our dependence on fossil fuels. An area of concern for my wife and I is that of our own carbon footprint and with this new system, we have in our view made a significant contribution to our environment. With the quote, given the volume of dollars involved, my wife and 1 mulled it over for a few days and finally called you back and made the commitment to proceed.

We were given a date as to when your team would show up and what would transpire in detail. To our very pleasant surprise, the excavators showed up on time and proceeded in a very diligent manner to complete the excavations and the installation itself. The excavation of course was significant, 3 six hundred foot trenches. It was all restored to a point where I need only to re-sow some hayseed and my field will be back in production, Very little disturbance to areas outside the excavation area. The guys doing the installation in the house were absolutely wonderful. We did the installation in mid-November but never were without heat other than for a few moments. Their workmanship in all areas including electrical, plumbing, and metal fabrication was excellent. They kept me informed over the three days as to what was done, what was left to do, and when that would be done. They encountered a number of impediments such as central vac lines, basement clutter, etc. which they overcame and put everything back. In fact, a case of tonic water inadvertently got knocked down the stairs and we were made aware that it might be opened with caution. Just great guys. Hard-working, informative, industrious and very considerate of our home and our property.

We were given a good understanding of how the system and the thermostat worked and encouraged to call if we experienced any problems. The old oil furnace and tank were taken out of the basement and disposed of as well.

All in all, this has been a wonderful experience and I think Bostech has really defined what service means in this industry and has set the bar for competitors to meet.


Best to you and your team,

Tom and Laurie Sullivan

Tom & Laurie Sullivan

Matthias & I would like to thank you all again for your excellent work in quoting, planning, preparing for, and installing our geothermal system.

You all worked very hard to ensure every detail was addressed and did above and beyond what another company offered and really took time to improve our existing ductwork as well.

We really feel the improvement of air quality and are really happy we don’t have any more oil bills coming our way. It was a real blessing to work with your company. We will gladly recommend you.

May God bless you all.

With our sincere thanks, Matthias & Claudia Klomfass

Matthias & Claudia Klomfass
Cambridge, Ontario

Just wanted to tell anyone getting geothermal heating system from Bostech would be very happy.   They are all nice guys to deal with,  they do a very nice and neat job.

You would never know  there were a few guys working in house for days because they always cleaned up after themselves and boots off before coming in the house.

Most important, we love the heating system,  it heats evenly just feels really nice.   Another thing we did notice is we have ceramic flooring in a lot of the house with no in heating but the floor does not seem as cold as it was before, we would never go barefoot before.

Thanks Eric for looking after us we are really happy and feel you looked after us well.    Garry and Karen

Garry & Karen B.
Drayton, Ontario

Just a short note to let you know of our complete satisfaction with the ground source heat pump at our residence, keeping in mind the complexity of a combination forced air, hydronic, domestic hot water, hot tub installation, your crew headed by Rick was a pleasure to have doing the installation.

We expressed to you the fact the the local dealer came to our residence to provide a quotation, but never bothered to quote us or return our phone calls in this regard, needless to say, we would never contemplate proceeding with a firm if they cannot even manage the basic pre sale functions.

However your crew led by Rick, were all highly motivated, skilled and professional throughout all aspects of the install.

This install was likely one of their most challenging to date, due to the complexity, confined work space and Desi, the dog (afraid of thunder storm) who took to constantly being Rick’s new best friend – he was underfoot the whole time.

In summary, we have dealt with local heating/air conditioning firms in the past where we have had to endure their tradesmen’s displeasure at being the ones chosen to do the job, lacking proper tools of the trade & knowledge, making for an unpleasant experience, severing any possible future callbacks.

Your firm came to our attention by word of mouth from friends of ours. Should any future client desire a reference or viewing of your installation system, please feel free to count us as highly satisfied reference.

Bostech is hands down the most organized, polite, courteous, professional trades group of any that has been renovating our home.


Steve & Paula D.
Lynden, Ontario

I am pleased to pass on my thanks for a job very well done.  Menno and the others who worked on installing our geothermal system did an excellent job.  Wednesday was a cold snowy day in the trenches but everyone worked through getting the loop installed.  I haven’t seen a single piece of garbage or debris around our property.  I even saw garbage being removed from the trench that was soon to be back-filled. Much thanks and appreciation.  The work inside was completed neatly and professionally.  Everyone took time to answer any questions I had.  The main-floor carpet protection was folded up at the end of shift and linoleum was wiped clean.  Menno worked hard, and later, on Friday getting everything finished up without compromising quality.  The installation in the basement looks great.  We are truly enjoying the even heat and increased air circulation.  Many thanks to all who were involved.

Trevor W.
Holstein, Ontario

Thank you for completing our furnace installation. We would like to recognize and thank you for sending a respectful, helpful, courteous and knowledgeable team to do the work. Even though we have completed many renovations ourselves, we have employed a variety of professionals (electricians, bricklayers, roofers, carpenters) to work on some major projects. We have never been so impressed as we were by the Bostech team!

Diane & Dave S.
Kitchener, Ontario

The geothermal system performed flawlessly this past winter, and this summer, too! We are much more comfortable than on propane, and the cost is a fraction of what we paid the year before. We have recommended Bostech to several of our neighbours, expect some calls!

Brad Carter
Grand Valley, Ontario

It has been about 1 month since my geothermal system was installed.  I wanted to let you know that the system is working well with no unexpected issues.

I found all the members of your firm very professional to deal with and obviously quite focused on customer service.  After working almost 25 years in industrial equipment installation and maintenance, it is a pleasure to recognize a firm with best in class performance in the residential/commercial field.  Your firm represents NextEnergy in the best possible way!  Any of your competition that tried to quote on this project did not inspire the same customer confidence.

Keep up the good work!  I look forward to recommending Bostech for future geothermal projects.

Dennis Stemmler P.Eng.
Bright, Ontario

Just wish to express our appreciation for a professionally installed Geo ground source system. Your well trained personnel (my observation) were not only courteous, but expressively informative, and it appears content and proud of their participation in a project that they have completed.

Please convey to all your personnel, our pleasure in having them share in our experience of a new adventure in making our environment a better place to live and breathe.

Good Luck and Take Care

June and Terence McGarigle
Belwood, Ontario

The entire Team at Bostech Mechanical is absolutely First Rate and Professional. From my first enquiry to my final rebate cheque everyone at Bostech has helped me along the way and have treated me exceptionally well. I know why Bostech has been around so long; because they look after their customer. They were simply a pleasure to work with.

Janek Jagiellowicz
Wellesley, Ontario

Our furnaces seems to be able to keep up easily, even in the worst temperatures. For example, the other day it was down to -22C outside, but inside my two toddlers keep stripping their clothes off (they thought it was funny). There is no question geothermal can keep up. What a great system. Thank you again for what I consider the perfect install.

Chris & Anne Capon
Caledon, Ontario

Thank so much for your excellent service to us. Your staff were great and their efforts at cleaning up their work area was tremendous (+ appreciated) We trust we will continue to have “warm thoughts” of you through the winter. Thanks!

Ray & Maggie Harloff
Priceville, Ontario

We want to express our gratitude for the professional conduct of the entire BOSTECH team. The workers were competent, courteous, very dedicated to doing an effective job with a minimum of mess. We appreciated you taking the time to make sure we understood the system we were purchasing.

Mona & Albert Hutton
Listowel, Ontario

You should be quite proud of the men that work for you. I have been in this business for over 20 years and they were absolutely first class all the way. They take pride in the work they are  doing, they keep the site clean and spotless and all work is plumbed in a manner that looks completely professional.

Mike Ulmer
Petersburg,  Ontario

We want to say what an excellent job of installation your men did. They were a pleasure to deal with.

Mary & John Gerrard
Puslinch, Ontario

Zorika and I very much appreciate your attention to our heating and cooling needs. Your promptness, expertise and professionalism underpin the well deserved success and continued growth of your business.

Kazimierz & Zorika Borkowski
Acton, Ontario

We would just like to tell you about how pleased we were with your crew. All your workers were very friendly, polite and clean. It was a pleasure to see them work. Thank you for a job well done!

Christian & Trudi Poschung
Guelph Ontario
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